Great South Run Weekend

With the unfortunate cancellation of the Saturday events this year it was just the adults on Sunday flying the flag for the club. Dan Eckersley had a terrific race to finish in 18th with 54:07 in only his 4th 10 mile outing. Brian Canning, Katie Lewis and Jacob Lewis also battled the strong wind to complete the course.

UKA – Throws Safety Guidance update (October 2017)

October 2017
Whilst accidents during throws events remain rare, a tragic fatality and a concerning number of near misses/incidents has led UKA to release new safety guidance as a means of reinforcing important protocols and raising the awareness of the potential dangers of throwing events.

Please click here to download a copy of a Throws Safety bulletin for coaches and officials.

We also recommend that you review the following documents that have been produced to support the delivery of safe throws activity. 

  1. UKA Throws Safety bulletin for Facility operators
  2. UKA Throws Safety bulletin for Event organisers
  3. UKA Long Throws safety statement
  4. UKA Safe Codes of Practice for Track & Field
  5. Risk Assessment guidance and templates
Kind regards

Michael Hunt
UK Facilities and Health & Safety Manager