Athletics Re-Start Update (iv)

To all members of the Isle of Wight Athletic Club:
I trust that this message finds you well.
The Spring and Summer have posed many issues – and the club just wanted to let you know where we are now.
We are following the guidance of England Athletics (working with Public Health England) & the Council (owners of the track we use in Sandown).
Some training was allowed to re-start and this has proved quite successful. Although it is limited for the time being we are reviewing what is possible and looking at ways to enable more athletes to return to regular training sessions in the coming weeks. There have been a few modifications at the track to allow us to train – including a one-way in/out system, restrictions on parents being inside the track area and a portaloo. The last of these is important because as it stands there is no access for us to the sports centre – meaning we have no changing facilities (including toilets).
Of course the coaches and other volunteers all have slightly different groups and disciplines which need co-ordinating in order to try and grow the participation safely.
There will be another committee meeting in a week or so and we hope to have more positive news then. As a large number of athletes are not able to attend training at the moment there will also be an update on how the forthcoming cross country season is likely to work.
Kind regards,
Simon Lewis
IWAC Chairman